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To survive in a consumer-driven marketplace, you need to cater to your customers' needs, that is why 's scalable, fully integrated and dynamic e-commerce solutions make it possible for you to open for business and generate sales.

With us you get a complete commerce solution for your business from the initial development of your site , merchandising and store management, along with the security and reliability you need.

can design comprehensive complete online stores with the ability not only to receive, but also process online orders. Complete solutions incorporate similar front-end features as simple solutions also allow for back-end processing. We can integrate your online store and order processing with any exportable database.

With our E-commerce solutions you receive:

  • Store creation and management
  • Product management
  • Discounts and promotions management
  • Shipping, handling and tax management
  • Personalized user's profile (User's preferences, cookies)
  • Inventory driven product's list (products can be restricted to order only when available)
  • Integrated database capabilities
  • Orders tracking system
  • Product's rating management
  • Administration users management
  • Customer management
  • Scheduled tasks (Auto deleting of users, orders; auto charge etc.)
  • Shopping aids
  • Order processing
  • Referrer tracking reports
  • Integrated Handled Shipping and Receiving
  • Integrated customer email support system
  • CRM system (tracking customer relationship, flexible discount)
  • Customized billing system
  • Reporting
  • Cross-selling and up-selling functions
  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Payment processing
  • Secure hosting


e-Business means much more than just web-enabling existing business processes. It means transforming these business processes by integrating web technologies with existing legacy applications. It means rapidly deploying new applications to support the redefined legacy processes. And it means seamlessly inter-operating with new partners, customers, and suppliers - not to forget your own employees. 's e-business solutions enable you to successfully execute both your internal and external relationships.

Has developed a proprietary approach to e-business development that focuses on delivering innovative solutions to your company's e-business needs. Our services help traditional brick-and-mortar companies successfully transition to web-based business models. We also help emerging and established Internet companies build and manage their e-business infrastructure.

Our e-business services address the entire gamut of business requirements - from establishing a meaningful Internet presence and enabling web-based B2B transactions to e-business integration and applications management. 's e-business solutions are robust, scalable and easily integrate with a diverse range of products and technologies.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • e-Business Applications Development
  • Intranet Solutions
  • B2B Solutions
  • B2C Solutions

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