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Application Development

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CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd provides a wide range of services in the Information Technology field, including software and Internet solutions development for most of the today's e-business requirements. Our software development capabilities vary from building desktop applications to distributed client/server applications and system applications.

In addition to software development, CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd offers an expert Web site development team capable of providing clients with a strong Web presence through brilliant graphic design and innovative programming. Our Internet solutions offerings consist of web site, e-commerce solutions and Web services components development.

Our development cycle allows to minimize terms and costs of the project development, at the same time giving more flexibility and functionality.

All this gives an unique opportunity for the impetuous development of our clients' companies and makes them leaders in the business market.

Software Development

CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd offers development of business automation software solutions according to specific customer requirements. We develop close relationships with our customers, and usually assist in assessing their requirements in an interactive manner. Our custom solutions are typically integrated by customers as modules in their larger IT systems.

Areas of competence:

Custom Software Application design and development
System software design and development
Web-enabling existing IT systems
Different Platforms Code Conversion

CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd delivers customer-specific business applications for sharing business information, maintaining business relationships, and conducting business transactions over the Internet.

We can create different types of software for you, including:

  • Client/Server applications
  • System Applications
  • Back-end software for web-sites
  • High-optimized server software
  • E-Commerce Applications and much more

We collaborate with our customers to Web-enable their IT infrastructure. We do this by offering strategic consulting, design, development and implementation of business applications, enterprise application integration, and Web-enabling for existing legacy systems

Our extensive in-house knowledge of various programming languages, operating systems and other components of software development enables us to deliver high quality design and implementation of customized software solutions living up to the expectations of our customers.

Advancing technology and evolving business scenarios call for the migration of legacy software systems to state-of-the-art environments to cater to the expansion in business needs, while preserving all the established business rules and practices already coded in the old system. Our reengineering services provide conversions and migrations from one environment to another, and also provide reverse engineering and re-hosting of applications.

Web Application Development

Internet-based applications can enable greater collaborations across the Internet for your clients, vendors and all of your company's partners.

We create front-end and back-end Internet applications, such as:

  • WinNT/Win2000/Linux/Java server-side and client-side software
  • Java applets and servlets
  • Server-side scripts (ASP, PHP, Perl, CGI, C#)
  • Client-side scripts (JavaScript, VBScript)
  • Complex dynamic HTML pages (DHTML).

We offer development a large variety of Internet-based products:

  • Online databases
  • Online games
  • E-commerce applications
  • Interactive web sites

The Internet is the perfect way to begin, or enhance a business. Many companies would like to begin a web site, but aren't sure what options they might have to get a web site started. Our web page designers are prepared to get you started on the web today, whether it's to start, or enhance a business

Database Development

Many modern web applications require complex data storage and data processing, which is extremely difficult or impossible without using some sort of a database. In order to optimize the efficiency of your operation, you will need a database solution tailored to your specific needs. Within a reasonable time frame and for a very competitive price, our programmers will create a database that will fulfill your requirements and will improve your results.

A Database is an organized collection of related information. Databases are used for storing of data, organizing the data into the most appropriate format such as reports, graphs, charts, producing summaries that give an up-to-date status of information.

Properly designed database can enable a company with a greater development and work process automation and increase business efficiency.

In database design and development process we use latest software that gives an opportunity to design extremely efficient and reliable database that me both your professional and practical business needs and therefore serve its intended purpose.

The database design and development process includes:

  • Comprehensive and detailed research of the business needs
  • Conceptualization of a design specifications
  • Database prototype design
  • Database prototype testing
  • Database programming
  • Database testing/validation
  • Database launch
  • Client support

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