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ZIEL - Sales Monitoring System

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ZIEL hospitality solution is a specialized system monitoring sales & marketing of hotels. It has a specialized complete suite of tools for hoteliers to handle sales & reservations. With one of the most powerful contact management tools just a click away, ZIEL is the widely preferred one by reps, managers and executives.

  • It's a powerful tool to improve B to B sales - Corporate & Agents
  • It reduces the operational cost in sales & reservations
  • It monitors global $linkDB,sales & marketing
  • It improves your ARR
  • It improves your Rev PAR
  • It helps you know your guests & bookers
  • It brings out the best in your Sales Teams

Loved by Sales Force

Being the best in the business with fast and easy mobile, online access, reps love to use ZIEL.'ZIEL' protects the work and optimize your efforts.It minimizes travel, helps in organizing daily sales calls. It increases rep productivity.

Indispensible for Sales Managers

ZIEL is chosen by managers as they want to have an idea of their sales team efforts and pipelines. More quality and accountability are assured through ZIEL from the sales team.

Trusted by Senior Executives

Executives want fast, unhampered with and live answers to their business queries in a single click. Hotel's success depends on effective B to B management agents/corporate and the optimization of lead flow across sales and marketing departments. ZIEL tracks your corporate/agents inquiries and provide leads to the right people, ensuring, reps get instant access to the latest prospects and that leads are never lost.
It does the following :

  • Ensures no leads are dropped.
  • Improves responsiveness to prospect inquiries
  • Improve scalability
  • Increase lead conversion rates
  • Optimizes your marketing speed
  • Optimize lead flow from capture to close
  • Builds lead management processes for varied groups
  • Know your buyers
    a) Location
    b) Performance (Production, Revenues, room nights, ARR, Cancellations )
  • Integrated system with CRS so ' NO re entry ' of corporate and agent information
  • Single system for DSR and entry of enquiries and reservation
  • Telemarketing and appointment efforts also integrated with DSR

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