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  About WebCRS - Expand your business by reaching out to a wide audience all over the world
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  WebCRS - Enables your agents and guests to reserve rooms instantly through the net after verifying the availability.
  Online Property Performance Monitoring System - a management application which will in effectively monitor, the day to day performance of the different properties.
  Services Offered by us - Consultancy services, digital presentations, power point presentations, CD presentations and high quality software services.


  Key Benefits
Our systems offer rates, availability and general info management
Aspects payment online
Flexible rate management
Quick availability management
Detailed Hotel info             
Connect seamlessly with third party website
Connect to GDS networks

Incredible with third party systems

All the major Kerala hotels has placed order for our system.
We opened new offices at Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai.
Industry News
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Pay Pal
2 Checkout
Citi Bank
World Pay

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